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by 纸老虎 The Paper Tigers

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Almost 12 months in the making, The Paper Tigers’ self-titled, debut EP is a seven song explosion of grit, swagger, surprise hooks and confronting vulnerability that has grown out the sweaty, underground Beijing scene in which it is firmly rooted.

“Put your facemasks on, because it takes your breath away,” screeches Tigers front man Joey Catanzaro on crowd favourite, Second Ring Road.

“Most of these songs are about Beijing,” says Joey, who came to fame as singer of high-profile Australian punk outfit Unpaid Debt before moving to Beijing in 2013.

“We’re four guys from four different continents who came to China and write about life in modern China from our perspective. People tell us it’s something new, which is really humbling. I just hope we’ve managed to somehow capture the energy and vitality and contradiction of this place and this moment in time in our music, which we vaguely describe as Indi-dance-punk.”

The EP also features guest backing vocals from some of the Beijing music scene’s best known identities, including Dan Taylor (The Harridans), Scott Slepicka (Macondo), Fred Shi (Macondo and Joker’s Belief), Joss 姜寒; and Tasharni Jamieson (The Hunters).

Electronic surrealist DubZen Melodist also contributed a remix of popular track, We Can Run Like Wolves.

Mastered at Treelady Studio in the US by Garrett Haines — whose credits include Wiz Khalifa, Maybe Mars releases by Chui Wan and The Yours, and re-mastering for Nirvana — The Paper Tigers EP will be simultaneously released on a limited edition, custom USB (that features original artwork from Beijing’s FeiFei) and through online platforms including Bandcamp on April 15.

Tigers guitarist Alex K. Fong, who took the lead recording and producing the EP, says: “We took on the challenge of recording the album ourselves to ensure we captured Beijing’s spontaneous character, which inspired the songs. I think we managed to do that with an EP that is as gritty and real as it’s beautiful and alive with possibility — just like this city.”


“带上你们的面具,因为它让你无法呼吸。”深受大众喜爱的尖叫Tigers领头者Joey Catanzaro说道。

“这些歌曲大部分是有关北京的,”Joey说道。这个出身于备受瞩目的澳大利亚朋克摇滚乐组织Unpaid Debt的歌手,在2013年移居北京。


EP中还有特邀嘉宾伴唱,他们是一些北京乐坛知名的音乐人,包Dan Taylor (The Harridans)Scott Slepicka (Macondo), Fred Shi (Macondo and Joker’s Belief), Joss 姜寒;还有Tasharni Jamieson (The Hunters).。

超现实主义电子乐音乐人DubZen Melodist贡献了一首流行乐的混音, We Can Run Like Wolves(我们能像狼一样奔跑)。

在美国的Treelady Studio由Garrett Haines完善,他的作品包括Wiz Khalifa的歌曲, Maybe Mars签约的Chui Wan和The Yours的,以及重新录制的Nirvana的歌曲。纸老虎乐队将在4月15日通过网络平台 (包括Bandcamp)同时发行限量版自定义USB(这是来自Beijing’s FeiFei的原创艺术品)

录音和制作EP的领导者吉他手Alex K. Fong说:“虽然自己录制专辑是个挑战,但我们接受了它以确保我们能准确地发觉北京自然形成的特性,并用歌曲表述出来。我认为,我们设法制作这个迷你专辑,如同它充满可能性的美丽和活力一样坚定持久和真实——就像这个城市。


released April 15, 2017

纸老虎 The Paper Tigers are

Daniele Baratelli: Bass, backing vocals 

Joseph Catanzaro: Lead and backing vocals, percussion, field recordings, production assistance, mixing
主唱,伴唱,打击乐, 现场录音,制作助理,混音

Alex K. Fong 邝士英: Guitar, backing vocals, percussion, keyboard, synth, sound design, production, engineering, mixing
吉他,伴唱,打击乐,键盘,合成器, 音效,制作,录音, 混音

焦志天: Drums

Dion MacIver: Drums

• • •

Backing vocals 伴唱: Tasharni Jamieson, 姜寒, Angela Li, Fred Shi, Scott Slepicka, Daniel Taylor, Kelly Turketo

Remix 重混: DubZen Melodist (DzM)

Mastering 母带: Garrett Haines at Treelady Studio

Illustrations 图画: FEIFEI

Design 设计: Alex K. Fong 邝士英

• • •


Bling Dynasty 闪亮的王朝
ISRC QZ-5HA-16-00002
Hutong Hipster 胡同嬉皮士
ISRC QZ-5HA-16-00007
Second Ring Road 二环
ISRC QZ-5HA-16-00005
We Can Run Like Wolves
ISRC QZ-5HA-16-00004
REMIX ISRC QZ-5HA-16-00010
(Baratelli, Catanzaro, Fong, 焦志天)

My Heart 我的心
ISRC QZ-5HA-16-00003
(Catanzaro, Fong, Timothy Khang, Christopher O’Young, Rob de Picciotto)

Guillotine 断头台
ISRC QZ-5HA-16-00008
You’re VHS (I’m Betamax) 你是VHS(我是Betamax)
ISRC QZ-5HA-16-00006
(Baratelli, Catanzaro, Fong, 焦志天, Khang, O’Young)

• • •

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纸老虎 The Paper Tigers Beijing, China

The Paper Tigers are Beijing’s “hottest … indie rock band,” and they are taking China by storm. With an explosive and “danceable” sound reminiscent of The Clash and The Cure meets Block Party and The Arctic Monkeys, the band’s original new music is the creation of experienced and successful musicians from four continents forged together in Beijing’s booming underground scene. ... more

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